Varanasi Special Tour Packages

Kashi or Benaras or Varanasi is the oldest living city of world said to be situated on the trident of Lord Shiva, thus higher than rest of world. It is located along River Ganges and example of linear settlement. It derives its name from Varana a small river on its northern border and Asi (or Assi), a drain on its southern border which together make Varanasi.

Kashi was changed to Benaras in colonial periods as English were quite unfamiliar to the pronunciation of Banaras or Varanasi. The ancient city has unique settlement with meandering lanes and streets which renewal pose a big challenge to Municipal Corporation and governments.

Varanasi has a rich cultural heritage assimilating many diversities of India into its fold. Culture of Varanasi has been kept alive by the flow of perennial River Ganges called Mother Ganges.

Varanasi Tour Packages are unique package to tour Varanasi and various adjacent places of Varanasi. It offers you all the unique things of a good tour like pocket suiting cost, travel comfort, travel assistance and much more that you would have dreamt of while setting off for an excursion or pilgrimage to Varanasi. This is not only tourist friendly package but also gives you time and space to explore the things that you have thought of in an ideal tour. This includes temples, boat rides, adventure sports, pilgrimage sites and other things that are looked for by tourists.

Tour package includes visits to 85 ancient ghats of Varanasi City along River Ganges, some of which older than Varanasi itself. Other things of importance are various ancient temples like Kashi Vishwanath, Kaal Bhairav, Durga Temple and Maha mritunjay temple which make Varanasi famed as City of Temples. Tour package also includes packages for celebration of different cultural programmes organized often on the banks of River Ganges and different fairs and festivals of Varanasi that make it world famous.

Tour package also offers you to perform many rituals ad see museums of Varanasi that house a nice collection of ancient artifacts. Rituals are a part of lives of common folk like baths on various auspicious days, performing Ganga aarti on the river banks and much more that makes you often puzzled and suspicious about performance arrangements.

The city is also home to various forms and developments of music with time. It was a place where Lord Buddha sermonized in ancient times (at Sarnath), Tulsi dasa wrote Ram charita manas in medieval times, Bismillah Khan blew Shehnai, Hariprasad Chaurasiya played flute and nowadays many musicians and classical dancers like Pt. Rajan Sajan Mishra the classical and folk singers, Birju Maharaj the Kathak Dancer, saint Kabir das and many merging artistes are adding a new chapter to the rich culture of Varanasi.

Tour Packages to Varanasi separately includes Temple Tour Packages and Pilgrimage Tour for devotees as many come here to fulfill their wishes and get rid of past sins in the abode of god or Lord Shiva, the prime deity of Varanasi to whom majority of temples are dedicated.

Varanasi Tour Package also includes visits to various forts and monuments like Man Singh Observatory, Ramnagar Fort on itinerary for those interested in exploring history of a place.

The customized tour packages to Varanasi also offer you the opportunity to enjoy shopping in narrow serpentine lakes of Varanasi which are filled with various types of souvenirs and handicrafts besides brassware, groceries and luxury items. Village tour packages to keep you out of chaos of city.

Your Excursions from Varanasi to other tourist sites of Varanasi are a new experience for you to explore the diverse culture of Uttar Pradesh. Hello Banaras provides many such fantastic packages for Varanasi.

Varanasi Special Tour Packages

02 day Varanasi Tour Package

02 Days Kashi Darshan Tour Package

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Varanasi Temple Tour Package

02 Nights - 03 days Starting Price
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Varanasi Tour Package with Sarnath and Ramnagar

03 Nights - 04 days Starting Price
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